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SMP for Long Hair

Scalp Micropigmentation for long hair

Initially conceived to treat baldness, SMP has grown to help people with a wide range of hair issues.

Many men and women with long hair are increasingly opting for SMP.

Issues like receding hairline, patch baldness, or someone looking for a great appearance of fuller and thicker hair are just some reasons for its growing popularity.

Scalp Pigmentation for long hair with receding hairline

SMP is an excellent way to treat receding hairlines. This technique will create the illusion of fuller hair just above your forehead without affecting your overall look. You’ll still have your long hair, but with the added benefit of those tiny scalp tattoos, bringing your hairline forward.

That said, in case your hairline recedes further, you might, in consultation with us, decide to shave and have further SMP sessions to preserve your signature look.

SMP for women with long hair

Women are generally proud of their hair, which is understandable. Your long hair may be an integral part of who you are and something you don’t want to lose.

But due to ageing or medical reasons, many women will start to notice hair loss.

The results are hair becoming thinner and the scalp visible through the strands. It’s possible to conceal natural hair loss with scalp micropigmentation.

You can make your hair appear thicker and fuller with SMP, small scalp tattoos. SMP for women with long hair can be very effective in covering bald patches and hiding thinning hair.

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