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Shaved Look

Scalp Micropigmentation for baldness: Total scalp restoration to recreate the look of a full shaved head

If you’re looking for a long-lasting treatment for baldness without going to the extremes of surgery, Scalp Micropigmentation comes as a great solution to recreate the appearance of a fully shaved head. 

SMP has become the new age hair loss treatment for all kinds of baldness in women and men. Gone are the days, where hair restoration was only possible through hair transplants, which are expensive, time-consuming, and potentially take over a year to yield hair regrowth with no guarantees of success. 

At Max Scalp Clinic, we treat clients with various types of baldness. So, whether you have pattern baldness, progressive baldness, or looking for a solution to conceal hair loss relating to a condition, an SMP treatment can prove to be the ideal aesthetic solution you’re looking for. 

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