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Scar Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation to cover & camouflage scarring

Scars are the body’s natural response to healing. It primarily comes from an injury, however, scrapes or burns can also leave scars.

But, when you end up with a scar on your head, it is highly noticeable, sometimes leaving a patch of baldness.

A Scalp Micropigmentation is an effective and effortless way to camouflage the appearance of scars without the need for surgery. Using SMP, our artist will carefully blend the scar with thousands of micro-pigments that match your hair and skin tone, giving a realistic appearance.

At Max Scalp Clinic, we understand how visible scarring can impact your confidence so, if you’re looking for quick and easy scar treatment, then scalp micropigmentation can be your best solution.

Is SMP effective for scar camouflage?

Yes! Scalp micropigmentation is an extremely effective treatment to cover and conceal scars on the scalp. Especially if the scar isn’t too large, the treatment can make the scar virtually disappear.

What are some common scars that SMP can camouflage?

SMP can treat a wide variety of scars, including:

  • Surgery scars
  • Hair transplants
  • Facelifts
  • Accidents

What about bigger scars?

The amount of camouflage we can provide with SMP does depend on the size of the scar, and how raised or indented the scar is. SMP will match the colour of your hair, but does not affect the texture of the scar. SMP will significantly help camouflage the scar, however with an indented or raised scar you will need to keep your hair longer to conceal the scar fully.

How does SMP help to hide or camouflage scars?

By placing thousands of tiny dots of pigment on the scar and the area around the scar, we can very successfully hide the appearance of the scar. Our SMP artist will carefully match the colour of your hair and skin tone to make certain that the result is as natural and blended as possible.

Can you do SMP on scar tissue?

Yes, scar tissue will accept SMP quite well, although it requires a slightly different technique to non-scar tissue. We add micro pigmentation dots on the scar tissue and on the surrounding tissue, follicle by follicle to blend as well as possible.

Does scar concealment hurt?

SMP is no more painful than a tattoo, and may hurt less due to a shallower penetration of the needle. Also, some scar tissue has fewer nerve endings and is actually less painful to treat than regular skin. Everyone has different pain thresholds, and it is very common for clients to take breaks during the treatment to manage the discomfort. 

Can Scalp Micropigmentation Hide Hair Transplant Scars?

Strip scars or FUT scars are a common type of scar that can be very effectively treated with SMP. In many cases the scars are just about invisible after a successful SMP treatment.

Will I need a haircut to get scar treatment camouflage?

Yes, for the best result a short clipped haircut is recommended. It allows our SMP artist to see the scar and the surrounding hair and scalp clearly and match your hair colour and skin tone accurately.

How many sessions will it take?

Scar camouflage will require 2-3 sessions. Depending on the size of the scar, you can achieve a lot of concealment with just one session. This is certainly the case for FUT (hair transplant) scars. You will need to return for your second session roughly 1-2 weeks after your first session so we can add more micropigmentation into the scar and the surrounding area to make sure the blending is as natural as possible.

Will there be any side effects after the treatment?

It is normal to experience some redness around the treated area for a few days after. The redness will go away and you can return to work straight after your appointment.

How Should I Prepare for my treatment?

We recommend using bio oil on your scar in the weeks leading up to your scar camouflage treatment. This helps to soften the scar and allows it to accept the ink more readily.

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