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Hairline Restoration

The importance of hairline for your appearance

A face without a hairline is like a painting without a frame. Your hairline is something that adds structure to your appearance and it is one of the most distinctive features of your face. And for many people whose hairline is receding, it can be something that is always noticeable when looking in the mirror and can negatively affect their confidence when meeting new people.

What happens when your hairline starts receding? 

Male pattern baldness is a natural part of the ageing process. And one of the common ways’ baldness begins is with a hairline receding backward, exposing more of your scalp and forehead. 

Although no one fully understands the cause of a receding hairline, it tends to follow a predictable pattern, often leading to an ‘M-shaped’ appearance known as the ‘widow’s peak.’ 

There are two things to understand here. 

  1. First, when the hairline recedes an inch backward from its original line, it forms something called the mature hairline. 
  2. But when the same hairline recedes further, it may be a sign of male pattern baldness. 

Receding hairline vs. mature hairline

Both receding and matured hairlines start with the loss of hair, but the former one is more concerning. A receding hairline is caused by excessive hair shedding, which is losing more than 100 hairs on a typical day. And while both can give you a ‘widow’s peak,’ receding hairline causes the entire hairline to move backward, exposing your scalp. 

Can SMP help with hairline restoration?

SMP can make it possible to restore any desired hairline you want. For instance, a rounded adolescent hairline can add to the mature look of a man in his 40s. In contrast, a sharper and edgy hairline might suit someone in their 20s or 30s. However, we recommend our clients follow their natural hairline. Because the last thing you want is an unnatural-looking hairline.

Our SMP artist will start recreating your hairline slightly higher than your natural hairline, so you have the benefit of seeing how your final result will look. We can definitely add more pigments in your second or third session to make it symmetric. It all depends on what you want, and our SMP artist will make it possible!

Scalp Micropigmentation to restore a receding hairline

At Max Scalp Clinic, we understand that for both men and women, their hairline is different and distinctive.  

With the primary goal to help people from all walks of life, our SMP artist will customise each service to align with your desired looks and needs. 

All you need to do is, visit our clinic, and we’ll plan the perfect look for you. 

Is the treatment effective for men and women?

Yes, SMP is an effective treatment for receding hairlines for both men and women. Our approach may differ slightly when treating women, but our treatments are tailored specifically for each individual, so the best thing to do is contact us for a free appointment so we can discuss the best treatment options for you.

Do I need to shave my head? 

There is no need to shave your head for receding hairline SMP treatment. It may be helpful to trim your hair before your treatment but this will be discussed during your first consultation with our SMP artist.

How long will it take?

Each treatment is different so we can’t give exact details about the time needed until we meet with you. However, Scalp Micropigmentation treatments usually take between 2 to 4 hours per session. For a receding hairline treatment, you will most likely need 2 sessions.

Man tilting head forward with comparison before and after Scalp micropigmentation

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