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Density Treatment

Adding hair density with Scalp Micropigmentation

If adding density or enhanced volume is something you’re after, then Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent choice of treatment. A hair density treatment to ‘fill-in’ thinning areas, thinning edges and smaller bald patches will create remarkably realistic results for both men and women

The good thing, adding density using an SMP technique is versatile, meaning anyone struggling with hair thinning or hair gaps can use this technique.

Considering hair loss can be triggered by many reasons, both men and women can reap the benefits of an SMP procedure to add density to their hair. The idea is to disguise and enhance as much bare skin as possible.

Our artist may recommend a full SMP restoration if the hairline is not intact and balding spots are more extensive. 

SMP for adding hair density for longer hair 

One of the best features about Scalp Micropigmentation is its versatility. So no matter how long or short your hair is, SMP can be effectively used to conceal thinning spots by adding hair density. 

Notably, women who experience female pattern hair loss with longer hair can reap the benefits of SMP by creating a denser look. The denser look is achieved by administering thousands of micropigments matching your existing hair, so the concealing looks perfectly natural to the naked eye. 

Will my SMP density treatment look natural?

Yes. Through SMP, we aim to complement your existing hair and hairline, so the density treatment looks as natural as possible. We ensure all pigments are evenly distributed and executed perfectly to match your natural look.  

The best hair types for adding density with Scalp Micropigmentation 

SMP suits most hair loss issues, but not everyone becomes an ideal candidate for adding hair density. 

Although the basic idea of using SMP is to enhance the natural appearance of your hair, only someone with diffuse thinning and female pattern hair loss is considered ideal for this procedure. This is because in both scenarios, the hair is more or less thinned out across the entirety of the scalp. 

On the flip side, if you’ve general alopecia, wherein there are several spots of complete baldness, the idea of adding hair density will simply not work. You would ultimately have to shave the entire head and get a full SMP done. 

Overall, SMP for adding density works best if you have an even distribution of hair. 

Do I need to shave my head for a density treatment? 

Since this treatment is a ‘filling-in’ procedure, you are not required to shave your head.

Will the SMP density treatment damage my hair follicles? 

This is a big concern for many of our SMP clients. A Scalp Micropigmentation doesn’t cause any damage to your hair follicles because the pigments are placed superficially on the scalp. And since the follicles are present much deeper into the skin, damage due to SMP is not at all a concern. In fact, you can expect normal hair growth after SMP.

Will density treatment hide the larger balding spots? 

A density treatment for larger balding spots will not enhance your look, because, even with pigments, the spots will be very noticeable. We recommend doing a complete shaved look SMP for such issues.

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