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Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

Scalp Micropigmentation for hair loss due to cancer treatment

Scalp micropigmentation is a life-changing step towards recovery from cancer treatments.

A cancer diagnosis impacts all aspects of a person’s life. Chemotherapy can be a life saving treatment, but it often also results in hair loss for the patient.

Hair loss is perhaps the most visible side-effect of chemotherapy. Medically termed as chemotherapy-induced alopecia or CIA, hair loss is inevitable in many cancer treatments and can profoundly impact a patient’s mental well-being. 

But, we believe, in a time when you feel your world is being turned upside down, an SMP treatment can really help.  

Fortunately, a hair loss solution like scalp micropigmentation can quickly re-create an ‘aesthetic normalcy’ that can benefit patients irrespective of their age, gender, cancer type, and treatments.

Why choose SMP for chemotherapy induced hair loss?

Scalp micropigmention is increasingly becoming a popular choice to restore hair loss after chemotherapy is finished. Unlike other treatments, it is highly versatile, and gets very quick results. So, whether you’re affected by total hair loss, thinning or bald patches, scalp pigmentation brings quick and long-lasting results after chemotherapy. 

Your chemotherapy-induced hair loss solution at Max Scalp Clinic 

At Max Scalp Clinic, we thoroughly understand how hair loss varies depending on an individual’s physiological reaction to cancer treatment. It is possible that some patients will suffer a total hair loss, while others may lose less. 

Depending on your individual needs, you can; 

  • Either choose a total scalp micropigmentation or other treatments like volume addition or hairline restoration, all customised to your needs
  • Choose a scar treatment if you’ve sustained scars on the scalp due to surgery  
  • Or visit us for pre or post-chemotherapy consultation 

Since chemotherapy can have an effect on the regrowth of your hair, when it begins to grow back, it can be different from the hair that was lost, such as changes in colour or texture. We recommend a pre-chemo consultation is beneficial, wherein we will capture details of your pre-chemo hair type, colour, texture, and quality with photographs and notes so we can benchmark your desired results. 

We also advise waiting a few months to see what level of work is required after your chemotherapy is completed.  

How does chemotherapy affect your hair?

You might be surprised but, hair follicles or the roots of your hair are actually living cells. So, when chemotherapy is used in your body, the drugs that keep cancer cells from growing and dividing also kill other healthy cells that divide rapidly, such as hair follicles. This is why chemotherapy causes hair loss.  

But, not all chemotherapies will cause hair loss. Depending upon the type of cancer and their stages, a specific mixture of drugs is used, which can either cause total hair loss or little to no hair loss at all. 

Is it only the head hair that is lost after chemotherapy?

No, chemotherapy may cause hair loss not just in your scalp but all over your body. Sometimes, your eyelashes, eyebrows, and other body hair, such as hair in your armpits, also fall out. 

Will my hair start to grow back after chemotherapy? 

Yes, normally your hair will start growing back once the treatment is over. However, the loss of hair due to chemotherapy can linger for months and sometimes years. But again, it depends on various factors, which is why hair growth after chemo is a different experience for everyone. For example, permanent baldness can occur, particularly in people who received the drug Taxotere.

When should I consider scalp micropigmentation after chemotherapy? 

If you’re considering SMP, we recommend waiting until you’re completely healed from the treatment. But, the general recommendation is to wait six weeks after any cancer treatment, though it is essential to consult your doctors before undergoing an SMP procedure. 

But rest assured, SMP procedures are completely safe for chemo-induced hair loss issues.

So, whether you’ve experienced hair loss from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or bone marrow transplant, anyone with hair loss issues resulting from cancer treatment is an excellent candidate for SMP. 

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