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Bald Patches

Scalp Micropigmentation for bald patches

Accounting for about 95% of baldness in men, patch baldness, or Alopecia Areata is experienced by both men and women as hair starts thinning.

Appearing as early as adolescence, a bald patch can be triggered by many reasons and show up anywhere on the scalp area normally covered by hair. You might want to cover up a bald patch if you’re losing hair due to thinning, scarring, alopecia or as the aftermath of cancer treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation works by adding underlying shading with the application of micro pigmented dots in the affected area, covering bald patches as intricately as possible. 

This technique is widely used for both men and women who want a permanent solution to hide bald patches and regain lost confidence.

SMP for bald patches FAQs

Is this treatment effective for thinning hair on the crown?

Yes, this treatment is perfect for thinning hair on the area at the centre of the scalp known as the crown. Loss of hair around the crown is very common for men and is sometimes referred to as the “horseshoe effect”.

If you have considerable hair coverage around the crown area we will be able to achieve a very natural look and create the effect of a full head of hair (without having to shave your head to a buzz cut).

Does it work for all hair types?

Yes, SMP works successfully with clients of all skin tones, hair colours and textures. 

Is bald patch SMP effective for large bald spots?

If the bald patch area is too large, recreating density with a medium/long hairstyle would be hard to achieve. This is because the size of the area covered by pigment dots would be too large to blend in with the surrounded area of longer hair strands. In this case we recommend a full shaved look (buzz cut).

Can SMP treat diffuse hair loss and thinning for women?

Yes, the application of pigment dots on scalp areas affected by diffuse hair loss and thinning hair in women is the ideal solution to achieve a very natural looking result.

Do I need to shave my head? 

There is no need, unless you wish to sport a buzz cut. There may be some trimming required, but this will be outlined by our SMP artist during your first appointment.

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