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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), also called scalp tattooing or hair tattoo, is a quick solution to many hair loss issues in both men and women, using cutting-edge equipment to conceal hair loss.   

It is non-surgical, wherein an expert, called a scalp artist or an SMP artist, such as Max Scalp Clinic, will carefully apply thousands of organic scalp pigments to replicate hair follicles and recreate the appearance of a full head of hair.

SMP is a quick and effortless solution to hair loss for men and women, covering a wide range of treatments, from reclaiming your lost hairline to covering scars from an injury. 

Pricing for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) varies from client to client. There is no one-size-fits-all, as it really depends on the size of the area been treated. For instance, a full scalp would take much more work than an intensity treatment and consequently the price would be higher. However, following is our price guide at Max Scalp Clinic

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SMP is a permanent hair loss solution; however, depending upon after-care and how your body responds to scalp tattooing, you might be requiring re-touches after 3/5 years. 

Our skin has the ability to naturally exfoliate, which is why there can be fading too. But, all you’ll require is to visit our hair tattoo clinic for a quick “boost session.”

Unlike a traditional tattoo, where the procedure can be painful, a Scalp Micropigmentation is not intense at all. At Max Scalp Clinic, we administer very tiny needles, so the process is as painless as it can be. So, don’t worry about pain. 

That said, the experience of undergoing a scalp tattoo entirely depends on the individual. For example, someone with a previous scalp injury might find it more sensitive than someone without.

Although an SMP treatment is more or less about pigments, when done precisely and carefully, it will create a 3D impression of a head shaven back or give a fuller appearance for someone with long hair.

Permanence is one of the basic features of Scalp Micropigmentation. But just like how traditional tattoos are removed using lasers, a scalp hair tattoo can be removed too. In fact, Scalp Micropigmentation treatments can be removed with more ease than a traditional tattoo. 

When pigmentation is correctly applied to the correct depth (two layers down the skin), the scalp tattoo can be easily removed in one or probably a few laser sessions.

The truth is, when you start losing hair, it is almost impossible to reverse it. Up to 85% of men suffer from male pattern baldness at some point, and a procedure like SMP can be an instant success. 

And with added benefits like concealing scars, adding density, uplifting your looks, and perhaps making you a happier and more confident person, SMP is totally worth it. 

Whether you need to shave or partly shave your head will depend on your hairstyle, what Scalp Micropigmentation treatment you’re after, or what your desired looks are. For a full scalp tattoo (complete SMP), yes, you will need to shave your head. 

And for procedures like touch-ups for a hairline repair or adding density, you’ll not need to shave. Simple. 

With the correct technique, you’ll be surprised to see how realistic a scalp tattoo can look. Its realism depends on three skills; how well the pigments are blended, is the ink suiting your skin tone or your natural hair colour, and how well-trained your SMP artist is.

Most of our clients at Max Scalp Clinic would often come back to us saying their friends didn’t notice it was hair tattooing, which is the main idea. 

Yes, of course. Covering bald patches is one of our core services. We can cover bald patches by blending in with your existing hair, recreating the look of a full head of hair, and perhaps no one would know if it’s ink. 

There is always some kind of risk associated with tattooing, be it a scalp tattoo or a tattoo in your body. But, when the highest professionalism and standards are maintained, including hygiene, and a skilful artist, the procedure is entirely safe and here at Max Scalp clinic, we guarantee only the best. 

First, you’ll need to allow time to heal, so under no circumstance should you touch or disturb the scalp pigments while healing. 

  • Do not expose your head to direct sunlight for sometime 
  • Refrain yourself from activities that will cause sweating
  • Do not shave 
  • Do not trim your hair for two weeks 
  • Do not go to the sauna
  • And do not swim in a chlorine swimming pool for at least three weeks

Considering you’ll need at least 7 days to completely heal, at Max Scalp Clinic, we suggest to our client not to shave their head during that period. 

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation is a unique form of tattooing applied to the dermal skin in your head. This is why an SMP treatment is also called a hair tattoo or cosmetic tattoo. 

Similar to micropigmentation, microblading is the incision of hundreds of tiny strokes close to natural hair to integrate existing brow hair seamlessly. 

Often called “eyebrow tattooing,” microblading is an eyebrow cosmetic architecture, while micro pigmentation is for hair

However, micro pigmentation is the breakout version that offers more desirable “ombre” results, with dots rather than fine lines as used in microblading. 

Unlike other hair loss treatments, Scalp Micropigmentation takes significantly less time to heal. With slight noticeable redness for 2 to 3 days, you’re good to go about everyday living, considering you continue to take precautions for a longer time. 

Our clients say it takes nearly 7 to 10 days to completely heal. 

A Scalp Micropigmentation is not noticeable when blended well. The key to making it look realistic is when you maintain a continuity of style. 

But, only if you get a batch micro-pigmentation, there are chances that it might look noticeable if you do not maintain a similar style. 

After the initial SMP procedure, you should try not to sweat for 4 days. This is an absolute necessity to get the best results. 

A Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is perhaps the quickest solution to restore a receding hairline. With lasting results, our SMP artist at Max Scalp Clinic can totally help reclaim your lost hairline.

Scalp Micropigmentation and hair transplant go hand-in-hand. In fact, many men and women with hair loss issues now consider getting a scalp pigmentation in conjunction with a hair transplant to give a fuller appearance. 

Considering it takes about 4 days to go back to a regular routine after receiving an SMP treatment, we recommend not washing your scalp during that healing period.

Considering it could take several months before you see results from a hair transplant, Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP can be used to give a camouflaging look. So, while you’re waiting for hair transplant results to kick in, you can totally get a hair tattoo done. 

Yes, our SMP artist at Max Scalp Clinic uses scalp pigment to match your natural hair colour and blend it well for outstanding natural results. It will provide a realistic look even when you have pale skin tones or fair hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation works similar to getting a tattoo. However, an SMP procedure is very intricate, placing the pigments in the upper dermis of your skin to give that natural 3D look. The procedure is very delicate, sophisticated and the ink is of the highest standard because it won’t fade into blues or greens, unlike a traditional tattoo after some years.

If you are interested in a close shaved look, check out our SMP shaved head treatment service.

While redness is the only after-effects caused by the scalp treatment itself, you might have side effects like allergies and itching when you fail to take proper care or have an underlying medical condition. 

The good thing about SMP is that it can match any skin tone or hair colour. So whether you have grey follicles or not, our Max Scalp SMP artist can recreate the perfect match of your natural hair colour.

Whilst a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment can be expected to last longer than 5 years, a boost session will help maintain that classic look. A “touch-up,” whether for the colour, or for any reason, is always recommended.

A hairline touch-up will cost: $500-$800

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation can quickly re-create an ‘aesthetic normalcy’ that can benefit cancer patients irrespective of their age, gender, cancer type, and treatments.

However, we recommend waiting until you’re completely healed from cancer treatment (minimum six weeks),  although it is essential to consult your doctors before undergoing an SMP procedure. 

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